The Jackson Five 【motown25 日本語字幕】

Michael Jackson -Billie Jean 【motown25 日本語字幕】


I really hope you can find a way to read this. I am a long time friend of Michael’s and have not found a more beautifully mastered video of the Jackson 5 and Michael’s performance at the Apollo Theater in 1983 than the one you have on your YouTube site.

What I would like to know is where you got this or if you made it yourself? I really want to know if you can help me find a way to download the video without your native translations on it. I am even willing to pay you in some way so that I can have these 2 video’s.

Michael gave me a lot of things over our 26 year friendship and I have original copies of all of his music but I do not have this. I have hundreds of hours of personal video that is being re-mastered however; I will never put it on youtube because I made a promise to him when we met, that I would never sell his personal information to anyone. More now than ever because of his children.

I was at the private memorial and Mrs. Jackson has given me 25 boxes of things that Michael had set aside for me. I also have hundreds of memorabilia items that are signed by Michael. I will do most anything to get my hands on these videos. If you can help me, then I will give you something of Michael’s in return. It is important that I get them without the annotations/translations though.

The producer of this 1983 event is willing to give me a video but I don’t want to meet her terms by telling her personal things about Michael.

I am not in the music business nor an entertainer of any kind; but Michael was my friend and his children will be visiting me next month as I delivered Prince Michael and Paris Katherine and oversaw Blanket’s birth. They call me “Aunt” because I have remained in their lives.

Can you help me? What would you like in return?

Dr. ×××, Phoenix, AZ, USA


この映像のネタ元は『モータウン25』という日本で市販されていたビデオ(廃盤)。彼女の条件である日本語字幕の消去は難しい。AVのモザイク消しのように字幕を消す技術がある方は連絡を。そしてどんな見返りが欲しい? なんてね。

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